Attention Spiritual Seekers


Are You Ready for a Life-Changing Journey? Unleash a More Authentic YOU with the Yoga Nidra Yoga System!

There is an experiential answer to the question 'Who Am I?' that is beyond the limitations of book-learning and any AI generated content.

Yoga Nidra as presented by James Traverse IS that experiential answer!

Relaxed Yet Alert


Please understand that this page is about a product I want to sell you.

This  product  is  about an  Experience  that will change your life Forever! It is more than mere information or some form of book-learning.

It is the nature of the mind to mind, to seek answers.

However the question "Who am I?" cannot be answered by the mind, because the answer to this question is beyond the mind.

The mind does not know how to let go... yet it can be guided to rest such that another way of knowing is accessed.

And this approach is not something that AI can help you with, because AI works in the realm of information and knowledge and what is required in this case is - Experiential Wisdom that flowers as Insight!

This question is answered by means of Experience via Accessing Another Way of Knowing as the Path from here to HERE is a Stepless Step!

Lost? Disconnected? Question What You've Been Told? Think that Yoga Nidra is about Relaxation and Healing? - WRONG! It is about Awakening to Your True Nature where things like Relaxation and Healing are BY-PRODUCTS!

Most so-called Yoga Nidra teachers and their Approach do not understand or present Yoga Nidra as it was originally intended by its ancient founders!

Yoga Nidra is the Waking Experience of absence.

My Yoga Nidra Yoga Audio for Spiritual Seekers honours the Original Intention of the Founders of Yoga Nidra as it offers the most time-tested Way to Awaken to Your True Self; it is a way for you to genuinely find inner peace, clarity, definite purpose and FREEDOM Beyond Measure!

Join the foremost time-tested Way of

Self-Knowledge and Spiritual Awakening


 Beyond Book-Learning, ChatGPT and Mental Activity

to Unveil Your True Nature

and thereby Realize Lasting Peace and Happiness!

How? Be Awake in Yogic Deep Sleep with the Audio!

Switch Attention from Doing to Being!


Yoga Nidra, the Simple, Time-Tested Guided Relaxation Approach

to Awakening to Your True Nature via a different quality of knowing,





Meditation is a state of clarity; not a state of mind; like Enlightenment,

Meditation is not something that you gain - instead it is experienced

when limitation falls away; in other words what it is, is an energy shift

from localized contraction to limitlessness and Yoga Nidra, done correctly,

is a means of fostering this experience.

~ ~ ~

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is the Waking Experience of Deep Sleep.

Deep Sleep is NOT the Absence of Experience

- it is the Experience of Absence

- it is the Absence of Absence, which means that

experientialy even the idea of Absence is Absent,

yet there is no discontinuity to being as

there is PRESENCE and -

You Are That!

Yet this remains an idea without the

Actual Experience! 

This Yoga Nidra Yoga approach to Your True Nature is what sage Adi Shankaracharya recommended over a 1200 years ago!

About James Traverse’s Yoga Nidra approach is called Relax-Action. It is a paradoxical approach that uses the process of Deep Sleep to wake you up to your true nature and cultivate a way of being that flowers in and as everyday life. It is beyond the measure of the thinking mind as it is knowing as being that embraces functioning according to the laws of natural order - for example: thoughts and memories associated with name and form are used functionally, yet knowing as being means that the suffering, limitation and separation of identification via the limited thinking mind is absent.

Why have this experience?

Absence of usual sensory experience: During Yoga Nidra, the practitioner detaches from external stimuli and the usual chatter of the mind. This creates an "absence" of one's usual way of experiencing the world.

- here are the Top 10 Reasons Why this Awakening Benefits You...

  • Because this Awakening is the Only Way to End Suffering! as you realize You're Not Broken! You don't need to Be Fixed! You are Already Whole!
  • Because You Access Another Way of Knowing as that is the Only Way to accomplish This Awakening!
  • Because It is How To Leave the Realm of Localized Identification via Thinking and Rest in the Realm of Limitless Being which is the Only Way for You to Realize Truly Lasting Peace and Happiness!
  • Because It is The Way for You To Be Authentically Grateful!
  • Because It is The Way to truly understand the distinction between Knowledge and Wisdom!
  • Because It is the The Way to truly be More Creative in All Areas of Your Life!
  • Because It is the The Way to Eliminate Fear and Mental Noise from Your Life as this is The Way of Inner Peace!
  • Because It is the The Way of Being a Light Unto Yourself!
  • Because It is the The Way to Enter the Deep Now: the Realm of Truth, Love and Beauty!
  • Because Yoga Nidra is the Waking Experience of ABSENCE it provides an Experiential Answer to the question, 'Who Am I?'


Yoga Nidra Yoga

The Experience of Your True Nature is:

- not what you've been told

  - not what you think you are

and yet it is

Not Nothing!"


Most People know:

1) Energy Flows where Attention Goes such that Attention is the Conduit of Awareness;

2) Intention informs Attention;

The PROBLEM is that when you set your Intention from Waking Consciousness it doesn't work most of the time, because you are not accessing your true nature in this case! [See Einstein's quote on solving a problem below - what Einstein actually said in a telegram on 25 May 1946 is, “a new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.”]


Because Waking Consciousness is not Who You Are - it is How You Appear at this level!

What to do?

Access Another Way of Knowing - at the Deepest Level of Consciousness and set your Intention from there!

This is What Yoga Nidra Yoga does for you!


If You  Truly Want  to  Understand Your  True Nature

And You Can't Believe the Stories You've Been Told Up To Now - then

- Imagine Knowing Without Doubt via

Another Way of Knowing whereby you

finally understand all the confusing

statements about Awakening to

Your True Nature -

By Accessing the Deep Now!

Ramana Maharshi Quote
Ramana Maharshi's words and Einstein's below emphasize the experiential nature of Spiritual Awakening.
Einstein Quote

Albert Einstein once said that a problem cannot be solved by the same mind that created it. In a similar way, any answers to the questions concerning human existence which arise from within that human experience will themselves be part of the problem, because such answers are conditioned by and arise out of the same situation which they seek to explain.

It follows that any true answer or ultimate understanding must be form other than the condition it understands.

Thus Another Way of Knowing is required.

Anyone can tell you to identify with Source and not just a limited localized form,

yet that is just so many words.

What is necessary is to Experience The Peace Beyond Understanding and See Clearly via this Other Way of Knowing!

I can tell you that the way to access this Other Way of Knowing is Quite Simple as all you have to do is to Relax into Being and Stop Thinking!

Be Still and Know... the Truth 'I AM THAT I AM.'

Now I know that Stopping Thinking is almost impossible for the vast majority of people, which is why I created my Yoga Nidra Yoga System as it is an efficient and effective way to Not Be Engaged in Thinking and thereby access this Other Way of Knowing - like the stories of all the people you can read about on this page.

~ ~ ~

If you finally want to realize the answer to who you truly are...

  • 1) The first thing that you need to understand is the obvious fact that the way things truly are and the way they appear are not-two things [this is what is meant by the terms Nonduality and Advaita].

  • 2) Then it is necessary to make the distinction regarding what is true and how it appears and that is accomplished by understanding the distinction between seeing with the mind and seeing through the mind.

  • 3) Lastly, Meditation is the process of seeing the distinction between seeing with the mind and seeing through the mind via experience, and, the guided meditation recommended by ancient sages that fosters this experience is Yoga Nidra Yoga.

If you are tormented by Life's Deepest Questions and you are frustrated, unsatisfied and discouraged by the answers given by Most Spiritual Leaders and Wisdom Traditions, then this information is for you.

There is Another Way of Knowing, that is beyond the limitations of the Thinking Mind and Knowledge, that gives you the First-Hand Experiential Answers to Who You Truly Are and Life's Deepest Questions...

Note: this Other Way of Knowing is not:

Imagine asking, 'Who am I?' and answering it via this Other Way of Knowing so that you see for yourself and do not have to adopt someone else's view.

Spiritual Awakening is not a journey in Space and Time.

It is Awakening to what you already are via Insight as this Other Way of Knowing,

and it is a means to be creative in all areas of your life [I share some folks' stories below].

What is life? Who am I? 

Sooner or later every intelligent person will formulate these questions.

If you feel that it is safer to not go there such that you avoid exploring Who You Truly Are and Life's Most Profound Questions, they do not just magically disappear. Instead, they are always there in the back of your mind, which means that they hold you in a state of perpetual terror, because you are always somewhat anxious and tense regarding things like what happens to you after 'you' die - and because you know that you don't know and what you've been told thus far are all second-hand truths.

Do you know the difference between Who You Truly Are and How You Appear?

"Change How You See and See How You Change"  Zen Proverb

Only that which ends can have a new beginning!

You can’t experience the timeless through time.

What most people do when seeking Self-Knowledge and answers to Life's Deepest Questions is to connect with a Spiritual Teacher or Wisdom Tradition that claims to have the Solutions. But for most these traditional approaches do not provide insightful, definitive answers.

So, what happens if you give up on finding the Truth about Who You Are and Life's Profound Mysteries, which manifests as you continuing to do what you've always done? In this case you will never truly know Lasting Peace or Happiness.

Fortunately, there is another way...

I'm writing this letter to share with you that I found a Way to get First-Hand Experiential Answers.

Here's what it is and how I came upon it:

Any Spiritual Seeker can get First-Hand Experiential Answers to Life's Deepest Questions, and the specific question, 'Who am I?' using my Yoga Nidra Yoga System, because it is the means for you to experience Another Way of Knowing by Being Awake in Deep Sleep!

Said another way, "When the mind stops talking then you can truly hear."


What makes the Yoga Nidra Yoga System different from other Yoga Nidra Approaches?

The things that make the Yoga Nidra Yoga System different are:

1) the Starting Point - you don't need to be fixed

2) the Perspective from which it is practiced - you are whole now

3) what happens with Yoga Nidra Yoga is that you do not gain anything; instead that which is untrue falls away such that you experience who you are.

Other Yoga Nidra Approaches start from the space where you are stressed and suffering and explore from that perspective, whereas the Yoga Nidra Yoga System gets you to Presence, Your True Nature, and instead of trying to get You to a place of Peace and Well-Being it unveils the experience of Peace and Well-Being that is what You Already Are!

Your Image

Hey there! My name is James TraVerse, and like you, I've always wanted to know who I truly am and have been seeking answers to life's big spiritual questions. I've been practicing yoga for 49 years and am now 70. I've tried a lot of different spiritual and meditation approaches, but most of them didn't really give me the inner peace and lasting happiness that I was looking for.

I became really passionate about spiritual seeking and started practicing yoga, which did bring some benefits to my health and overall well-being, but I still felt like I was missing something.

Maybe your journey has been similar to mine and you've encountered some not-so-great gurus or well-meaning teachers who just didn't fully understand what yoga is really about. I spent a lot of time and energy trying to find answers to these deep spiritual questions, but it just seemed like my mind couldn't grasp them.

That's when I realized that I needed to stop trying to use my mind and knowledge to answer these questions and instead turn to another way of knowing. This is where authentic Yoga Nidra came in for me. It's about experiencing this non-mental way of understanding and it completely changed my life. I also realized that the mind does have a supporting role to play in the realms of problem-solving and decision-making, rather than being an all-powerful voice that governs our lives.

I had a pretty great job as a manager for a company owned by Reader's Digest, yet I quit it so I could open my own yoga studio and fully immerse myself in the authentic understanding and practice of Yoga Nidra. Now, I'm somewhat retired, and I still enjoy practicing and teaching yoga as a substitute teacher. I want to share my greatest understanding with you, offer an authentic version of the Yoga Nidra System that can help you understand and align with your true nature, and just relax and let the things you want in life come to you. This system honors the original intention and purpose of the founders of yoga nidra, and I'm excited to make it available to you so you can experience the same blessings that I have.

~ ~ ~

Discover a new pathway to inner peace and wellness with Yoga Nidra Yoga, exclusively available on this page. Crafted by the renowned yogi, James Traverse, this course uses an authentic holistic approach to guide you towards the true nature of your being via another way of knowing.

Imagine a world where mental clarity prevails, and stress is simply an afterthought. With Yoga Nidra Yoga, this is no longer a mere fantasy. Traverse's method is designed to support reduced anxiety, improved sleep, and heightened concentration. With each session, you'll notice your days becoming more harmonious, and your nights filled with restful sleep.

At the heart of Traverse's teaching is the understanding that real transformation comes from the inside. His interpretation of Yoga Nidra is ingrained in the philosophy of self-realization. But don't worry if you're new to the world of yoga. James provides clear, easy-to-follow guidance to ensure you successfully embark on your journey of self-discovery, regardless of your experience level.

Yoga Nidra Yoga entrusts you with the power to improve your well-being and discover a new depth to your consciousness. Jumpstart your mastery over your mind and body today – come and explore the profound benefits of Yoga Nidra Yoga. It's more than just a course; it's your personal path toward profound relaxation and ultimate self-realisation.


Your Image

My Yoga Nidra Yoga System gives you Access to this Other Way of Knowing by Being Awake in Deep Sleep [Presence via Absence]. In turn this gives you the Power and Confidence to use Yoga Nidra correctly and the Power of Presence to Live the Life You Want from Consciousness such that you realize Lasting Peace and Happiness!
What is Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is like waking up inside a dream. It is akin to Lucid Dreaming. Yoga Nidra is the Waking Experience of Absence [it is akin to being awake in Deep Sleep].

Yoga Nidra, also known as "yogic sleep," is a powerful practice that has been used for centuries in Eastern spiritual and philosophical traditions to promote deep relaxation, mental clarity, and spiritual connection. It is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, where the body is completely relaxed, and the mind is in a state of alertness. The spiritual dimension of Yoga Nidra is what sets it apart from other relaxation techniques and makes it an exceptionally valuable tool for personal transformation, self-discovery and self-knowledge.

The practice of Yoga Nidra is rooted in ancient Indian philosophy, specifically in the tradition of Yoga. It is believed to have originated in the tantric tradition, where it was used as a tool for spiritual advancement and self-realization. In recent years, Yoga Nidra has gained widespread popularity as a method for stress management, deep relaxation, and rest [although these are not what it was originally intended to do].

The spiritual dimension of Yoga Nidra lies in its ability to connect the practitioner with their inner wisdom and sense of purpose. It is a path to the ultimate reality and the true aim of Yoga Nidra is to lead the practitionerss to a state of self-realization, where they can access the deepest levels of consciousness and experience a sense of unity with the divine. The practice of Yoga Nidra Yoga helps practitioners to access inner wisdom and to connect with their true self, leading to a sense of self-awareness and understanding.

The practice of Yoga Nidra involves lying down in a comfortable position, closing the eyes, and following a guided meditation led by a teacher or recorded voice. The meditation typically includes body awareness exercises and affirmations that help to release tension and promote a sense of inner peace. It is typically done for about 20-30 minutes and can be practiced in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Yoga Nidra is used as a tool for spiritual exploration and self-discovery. By accessing deeper levels of consciousness, practitioners explore their inner landscapes and gain a deeper understanding of their own nature and the nature of reality. This leads to a sense of liberation,  self-awareness and self-knowledge, as well as a deeper understanding of the divine.

The practice of Yoga Nidra is not limited to spiritual seekers, it can be used by anyone seeking to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them and also enjoy the by-product benefits of reduced stress, improved mental and physical well-being. It is a practice that can be done by anyone, regardless of age, physical ability, or prior experience with yoga.

In conclusion, Yoga Nidra Yoga is a powerful and versatile practice that promotes spiritual awakening and fosters lasting peace.

The genuine understanding of Yoga Nidra is to be free from experience

even in the midst of experience itself...

Finally it's Your Turn...

Change the Way You See!
This is the Secret to Self-Mastery!

Imagine How  Relieved  and  Happy You Will Feel  Once You Unquestionably Know Who You Are via Your own Knowing

When you get my Yoga Nidra Yoga System today,

you'll have the key to:

- Access Another Way of Knowing by Being Awake in Deep Sleep;
- Get First-Hand Experiential Answers to Life's Deepest Questions;
- Enjoy Lasting Peace and Happiness;
- Gain Access to the Realm of Insight, Wisdom and Clarity.

- And some more things you'll discover are:

Deep Sleep is not the Absence of Experience

It is the Experience of Absence

Since Yoga Nidra is the Waking Experience of Deep Sleep

- it follows that Yoga Nidra is the Waking Experience of Absence

Thus You Access Another Way of Knowing!

Your understanding of and delight in what Wakeful Sleep has to bestow will cause you,

time after time, to set out for it as if you were

keeping an appointment with Your Beloved.

Your Image Yoga Nidra means Yogic Sleep. The odd thing is that You Use a Sleep-Like to Wake Up! Yoga Nidra is the Waking Experience of Deep Sleep-Absence. It is a Relaxation Meditation where I guide you to relax out of waking consciousness and remain alert as depicted in the image you see here. This is the deepest awareness known to humankind.

Once you are Knowingly Absent yet Present you then practice Yoga Nidra's Sankalpa by Simply Asking a Question or by Setting the Vibrational Intention for anything that you want to be, do or have!


Imagine being trained to see things in a particular way that is wrong from the beginning and then trying to determine what is true from this false premise

- this is the case now!

Instead, imagine a way of seeing that lets you see things as they truly are

- and proceed from there!

This is what my Yoga Nidra Yoga System gives You...

The By-Product Benefits of Yoga Nidra Yoga System are Endless -

I've listed more below...

Be Awake in Deep Sleep!

See via the Third Eye!

This is how the Masters of Wisdom and Geniuses accomplished

their greatest feats [I've listed some below].

What's the Best that can happen?

The Benefits of the Yoga Nidra Yoga System are not truly benefits as they are By-Products of understanding the True Nature of Being and Living from there!

Some of these By-Products are:

“To develop a complete mind: 

 - Study the science of art;

 - Study the art of science. 

 -  Learn How to See.

 - Realize that everything connects to everything else. "

 ~ Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo do Vinci
Leonardo da  Vinci
What is Absent is the Content of Consciousness
What is Present is Pure Consciousness Itself
and Insight is YOU ARE THAT!

mediaGridImage mediaGridImage
mediaGridImage mediaGridImage

 The image below is included in this material without the redactions.

Your Image

I'll also reveal

          the Secret of Om...


Your Image

Discover how the Om Symbol

is a Map and a GPS!

This lets you clearly understand the science of this system,

see why this approach is different from other Yoga Nidra practices,

and thereby Change the Way You See!

You will discover Wakeful Sleep as the ability to

remain awake while thoughts are stilled,

experience Seeing via the Third Eye

and understand the Causal Level of Being.


I also share...

Five Ways to Understand the Inexplicable.

This shows you how everything fits together.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words

- in this text I used a thousand words to paint a clear picture!

Again You will Change the Way You See!

Five Ways to Understand the Inexplicable
~ ~ ~
This Works For These Famous and Not-So-Famous People, And It Will Work For You,

Because You're in Good Company with people like Einstein, Edison, Edgar Cayce

Sri Ramana Maharshi and Sage Adi Shankaracharya!

Most of these folks don't know how this works - they just know that it does!

Your Image 
Eckhart Tolle
Did you know?

Eckhart Tolle used Consciousness Manifestation techniques to create his worldwide best selling book, The Power of Now.

The image to the left is a screenshot from a video where he tells the story of how he consciously created The Power of Now to move him from an unknown teacher to one of the most influential spiritual leaders living today. In 2019, 2020 and again in 2021-22-23-24 he has a course on Conscious Manifestation.

Did you know that he said that he was perplexed regarding who he was, then he fell asleep and saw differently on waking.

The essence of his teaching on Conscious Manifestation is to create from the starting point of Consciousness. Yoga Nidra Yoga System is a means for you to Create from Consciousness.

Your Image
Thomas Edison
Did you know?

Thomas Edison built what he called a sleep hypnosis chair.

When he was tired and groggy, he used this chair to stimulate his brain's natural Theta Waves!

He said this chair was the key to so many of his greatest ideas and inventions. Thomas Edison reported that he tapped his knowledge from the timeless universe.

He intuitively used his wakeful sleep as a means to be so creative!


Mathematicians, Entrepreneurs, Artists, CEOs, and Psychics have long praised the power of what some call half-sleep to bring them incredible new ideas and visions.

People like Albert Einstein, Salvador Dali, Sir Isaac Newton, Akio Morita and Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, to name just a few, solved problems while they were nodding off, just waking up or in sleep trance.

In short what worked for Einstein can work for You too with the Yoga Nidra Yoga System.

mediaGridImage mediaGridImage Sir Isaac Newton
Edgar Cayce
mediaGridImage Leonardo do Vinci

Helen Porter

Helen Porter
Hi, my name is Helen Porter. I had a Yoga Nidra Yoga class this morning with James Traverse. It was a wonderful experience. His method of teaching is very relaxing and James' voice is very clear and inviting. He teaches you to visualize... I did that with ease.

Yoga Nidra Yoga helps you eliminate toxins in your body and I felt the release. It's almost like you are outside of your body and floating. James says let go and let loose everywhere. Every part of your body is aware of James' voice and you are awake but in a deep state of relaxation.

I certainly recommend James Traverse and Yoga Nidra Yoga to anyone interested in deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

John Comeau

John Comeau
What a relief!
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

My name is John Comeau. Thank You so much James. Your Yoga Nidra Yoga approach to life is a godsend. I finally get it about the True Nature of Being. These days I'm not only relaxed, I have manifested my own business and have all kinds of ideas for future projects that I'll use your Yoga Nidra Yoga System to help make happen.

Sage Adi Sankaracharya
'Every being in the world yearns to be always happy, free from the taint of sorrow; and desires to get rid of bodily ailments, which are not of his true nature. Further everyone cherishes the greatest love for himself: and this love is not possible in the absence of happiness. In deep sleep, though devoid of everything, one has the experience of being happy. Yet, due to the ignorance of the real nature of one's own being, which is happiness itself, people flounder in the vast ocean of material existence forsaking the right path that leads to happiness and act under the mistaken belief that the way to be happy consists in obtaining the pleasures of this and the other world.'

~ from the Preface to Sankaracharya's
     Crown Jewel of Discrimination
- The Vivekacudamani

In “Yogataravali,” Shankaracharya also defines Yoga Nidra, a practice that is often misunderstood or reduced to mere relaxation or sleep. He clarifies that Yoga Nidra is a deeper state of consciousness beyond body and mind, which leads to Nirvikalpa Samadhi, the highest form of meditation. He emphasizes that true Yoga Nidra is not just physical relaxation but a state of pure consciousness beyond all thoughts and movements of the mind.

Anita Caines
Anita Caines
Thank you James for these sessions. I love your calming voice and there is no hesitation in what you say, so the flow of your words is good!

I especially liked the suggestion of visually letting go of toxins from my body. It's like I feel cleaner after!

I was very relaxed. I did have some trouble selecting a 'movie' I guess there are so many things with my husband and son that I'd like to change that I had difficulty picking one. So I decided to pick one now and will choose others to do at another meditation. Blessings Anita
Helen Porter

Helen Porter
"Hi again James,

I just had continue writing regarding your Yoga Nidra Yoga System to say that I really liked The Secret of Om as it absolutely helps with the understanding of what is actually happening.

Much Love, Helen"
Ardha Chandrasana
So that you know that I am a real person. Here is a photo of me in a yoga pose in the 1970's ~ James TraVerse

Ardha Chandrasana1
Here is a photo of me in the same pose in 2021
~ James TraVerse

Nikola Tesla
Nikkola Tesla

"If you wish to understand the Universe  think of energy, frequency and vibration [word]." ~
Nikkola Tesla

with B K S Iyengar
with Yogacharya B K S Iyengar
This is a photo of me with Yogacharya B K S Iyengar demonstrating a headstand variation at a Yoga Conference in Alberta, Canada

Celebrities like Sting, Jennifer Aniston, Lea Michele, Meghan Markle, Adam Levine, Kaley Cuoco, Ali Wong, RuPaul, Jessica Biel, and Gisele Bundchen have each publicly endorsed the experience of Yoga and Yoga Nidra via personal practice.

David Bohm
David Bohm
I moved to Vancouver Island to be the resident Yoga Teacher at the private Wolf Lake School, which was part of the Krishnamurti Centre. Unfortunately just as I arrived there was a huge rift between the administrators to the extent that they closed the school. Physicist David Bohm is the person that they brought in to help clear things up. He was there for three weeks and I got to hang out with him. He taught me about implicate and explicate order and how the invisible becomes visible.

Ramana Maharshi
Sri Ramana Maharshi
Death - Yoga Nidra Yoga is practiced in the Corpse Pose!
Ramana Maharshi described what he called his Death Experience [like the Corpse Pose that is used for Yoga Nidra] that changed his life. He lived to be one of the greatest sages of the past 300 years.
'Well then,' I said to myself, 'this body is dead. It will be carried stiff to the burning ground and there burnt and reduced to ashes. But with the death of this body am I dead? Is the body I? It is silent and inert but I feel the full force of my personality and even the voice of the 'I' within me, apart from it. So I am Spirit transcending the body. The body dies but the Spirit that transcends it cannot be touched by death. That means that I am a deathless Spirit.'

Here's How it Works

- This is what happens when you order.

- once you pay you will be sent to a Download Page

- there you can download the entire Yoga Nidra Yoga System

- plus the Bonuses and Gifts.

- Then you use the system as directed in the Read Me First File that you get in the Download.

- It is simply a matter of setting your Sankalpa [I fully explain what Sankalpa is and How to use it] and then experiencing the Guided Yoga Nidra Relaxation Audio.

- you will be able to contact me directly if you need help;

- I am always happy to hear from you!

Similar Systems cost up to $997

- I know because I've bought them.

I've also attended online and personal seminars that cost that much and more, not to mention the cost of travel and accommodation to be at the Live Events - the Total Cost of these is in the Thousands of Dollars.

There are plenty of Free Yoga Nidra sessions that are focused on relaxation, which is worthwhile, yet that focus causes you to miss the greater opportunity, which is the experience of Another Way of Seeing!

There are  products that have similar names as this System, yet they do not represent the Authentic Understanding of Yoga Nidra.

Imagine if I listed the benefits above in terms of their dollar value - clearly this would be priceless.

In other words, it is hard to put a price on 'How Valuable Happiness Is!'

The most valuable things in life are not visible things!

Imagine how grateful you'll be when you realize

your power to make the invisible visible

by Changing the Way You See!

This is your opportunity to "Change the Way You see so that You can Be the Change!"

Homeward Bound...

Yoga Nidra Yoga System

Here's Everything You Get... I'll also include some Bonuses

Yoga Nidra Yoga System
The Yoga Nidra Yoga System
This is the audio version of Yoga Nidra.

This is a Guided Relaxation as Vibration Meditation that takes you through descending levels of brainwave activity to the Delta Level where you realize the Waking Experience of Deep Sleep; this is Authentic Yoga Nidra Yoga

Once there you will be guided to set your vibrational intention, enter the Feeling Space, for anything you want to Be, Do or Have. (Its value is Priceless)

I'll share the price shortly...

Yoga Nidra Yoga System
The Transcript
The transcript of the Yoga Nidra Yoga Audio
Vibration Meditation.
($27 Value)

Yoga Nidra Yoga System
The Sankalpa
To get the fastest and greatest benefits of the Yoga Nidra Yoga System it is necessary that you clearly understand what the Sankalpa is and how it is used. This is a very valuable text.
($47 Value)

Yoga Nidra Yoga System
Variation of Yoga Nidra without Sankalpa

In the event that you decide to use your own timing for your Sankalpa, this version has the flexibility for you to place it wherever you wish and/or to repeat it.
($47 Value)

Yoga Nidra Yoga System
Variation of Yoga Nidra with Ocean Sounds
Many people find the sound of the ocean helpful for relaxation and to access deeper levels of their mind.

This script is the same as the Variation of the Yoga Nidra without Sankalpa, yet it also has Ocean Sounds in the background.

($47 Value)

Yoga Nidra Yoga System
Create Your own Yoga Nidra Script
You may be inspired to create your own Authentic Version of Yoga Nidra audio so that you can hear the sound of your own voice to help you relax.

This is a guide that shows you how to create you own version of Yoga Nidra. I also include some resources for recording and editing audio. Although the resources are Free, they are quite valuable. This is a text.

($27 Value)

Yoga Nidra Yoga System
Yoga Nidra in Your Own Words
The words you use when creating and recording Yoga Nidra Relaxation Meditation are tremendously important. Here is a text file of the key words to include in your own version.
($27 Value)

The Secret of Om

And I'll include

The Secret of Om

Discover how the Om Symbol is a Map!

The Secret of Om is the means for you to understand the science behind

my Yoga Nidra Yoga System so that You Change the Way You see!

This is a short yet very powerful text as it reveals the Secret

behind this Sacred Sound, and, you will find out what the

Causal Level of Being is.

The 12 verses of the Mandukya Upanishad regarding Om is the 

shortest Upanishad, yet this Upanishad is said to contain all 

the wisdom of the Vedas - if you truly know what it means! 

In addition to revealing the Secret of Om, I explain why this 

most   important  Upanishad is  called  Mandukya , which

means Frog and how that Changes the Way You See!

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I Also include

Five Ways to Understand the Inexplicable

Five Ways to Understand the Inexplicable

This brings everything together.

In this text I left out all the filler and precisely show you
the 'how to' of these ways of understanding
in just over 1000 words  that
Changes the Way You See -
this is truly another priceless item yet
for this package I'm giving it a value of $97.
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Nisarga Yoga
Nisarga Yoga is Energy Body Yoga

  Absence Presence Insight

Yoga Nidra Yoga eBook

The Waking Experience of
Absence Presence Insight
You'll get even more out of the Yoga Nidra Yoga System when you couple it with an Energy Body Yoga Practice to Change the Way You See!
This is the Nisarga Yoga text that is a stand alone product that you can use for your personal yoga practice and meditation. This is how I practice.
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This is the book that Changes the Way You See. This is the book I wish I had when I first started yoga. It includes the knowledge of the True Purpose of Yoga and Yoga Nidra.
And, it is a means for you to answer the deepest questions of life so that you enjoy Lasting Peace and Happiness.
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Five Ways to Understand the Inexplicable $97
The Secret of Om $97
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the Sankalpa $47
Variation without Sankalpa - Audio $47
Variation with Ocean Souds - Audio $47
Create Your Own Script Guide $27
What Words to Use in Your Script $27
Nisarga Yoga $47
Yoga Nidra Yoga eBook $97

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What truly makes this System so Valuable is that it is NOT a Belief System
- with it you get to actually experience the Other way of Knowing for Yourself!


I've tried Yoga Nidra before...
There is a HUGE difference between Yoga Nidra and Yoga Nidra Yoga. The intention of Yoga Nidra is to relax and to have a mechanism to deal with stress within the realm of the present understanding of the nature of your being. In addition to providing the same benefits as other Yoga Nidra approaches, the intention and focus of Yoga Nidra Yoga is to access Another Way of Knowing to understand the True Nature of Your Being.
~ ~ ~

You're probably like me... if we were chatting about this system in a coffee shop and you were telling me about this system, there are two questions that I'd ask you:

"Does this really work?" and "What makes the Yoga Nidra Yoga System different?"

Does it really work? 'Yes - it really does work! It works the same way that Love does - you can't say what Love is, yet everyone knows Love when he or she experiences it!"

And what makes it different is: 

Electricity is not a material thing, yet it is not nothing...

"The difference of the Yoga Nidra Yoga System is like the understanding that Electricity is not the apparatus as a phone, bulb, socket, plug or any 'thing'; rather "Electricity is the Current"

"This  approach is different because It Addresses the Real Problem, which is that you have been trained to use the wrong instrument to explore self-knowledge. You need Another Way of Knowing and that is exactly what the Yoga Nidra Yoga System gives you!"

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The Secret of Om $97
the Transcript $27
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Variation without Sankalpa - Audio $47
Variation with Ocean Souds - Audio $47
Create Your Own Script Guide $27
What Word to Use in Your Script $27
Nisarga Yoga $47
Yoga Nidra Yoga eBook $97

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I'll also include a statement by my teacher, Jean Klein,

who wrote about the true nature of being in simple

straight-forward terms. In this piece Jean Klein

tells you what you are and the materials I'm

providing here gives you the experience.

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Plus  Five Ways to Understand the Inexplicable

Five Ways to Understand the Inexplicable 

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Yoga Nidra

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Five Ways to Understand the Inexplicable

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Five Ways to Understand the Inexplicable 

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